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What Are E-Cigarettes? Let Daddy Jak's help you

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes, sizes and designs but all function the same and serve the same purpose. Each one has a battery, a tank or cartridge which holds the e liquid and a coil system which heats up the liquid, turning it into vapor.

Batteries are rated in MAH or milliamp hours which correlates into how much charge it holds before it must go back onto the charger. Battery sizes typically begin at 350mah for a backup battery, all the way up to 1600mah for a battery that will last close to 2 days on a charge. Length of life in between charges varies per each user.

Tanks are referred to as many things so you may hear them called Clearomizers, Atomizers, Cartomizers, Cartridges…but know they all serve the same function, holding your e liquid. Most tanks start at a capacity of 1.6ml and get as large as being able to hold 5ml of e liquid at one time. There are also top and bottom coil tanks with the main difference being the draw or pull you get from it. Top coils are most similar to a cigarette with a tighter, warmer draw. Bottom coils are a cooler, airier draw. This is complete preference of draw and varies by user as to what each person likes.

Coils or atomizers are the heating element of an electronic cigarette. In it’s most basic form, a coil is comprised of a metal base with a silica wick that is wrapped with a kanthal resistance wire. When the battery is activated it heats this coil turning the e liquid into vapor. most coils range in price from $2.99-4.99 depending on brand and number of coils. Each coil generally lasts a user 1-3 weeks before needing to be replaced.

E Liquid is where you get your nicotine, or no nicotine of desired, with that being the ultimate goal. Electronic cigarette users have a vast array of different flavors to choose from so that they may find the perfect assortment of flavors for their specific tastes. Once you select the flavor you like there are different levels of nicotine in each flavor usually in increments of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 24mg nicotine. The simplest way to figure out where each user needs to be in nicotine content is as follows: 1/2 pack a day=6mg, 1-1 1/2 pack a day=12mg and 2 plus packs a day=24mg. Ultimately the goal is to wean yourself off the nicotine and get down to 0mg nicotine.