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Most frequent questions and answers

E cigarettes (also referred to as electronic, electric, smokeless or vapor cigarettes) are devices that produce the sensation of smoking, but create water vapor instead of smoke. The vapor mist that the user inhales can also contain nicotine, but electronic smoke does not contain any of the other 4000 harmful substances that cigarette smoke contains. The mist created by an electronic cigarette is based on propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

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No. In premium, Made in the US e-liquids there are 4 main ingredients including kosher grade flavorings, propylene glycol which is an additive in most food and products we already use everyday, vegetable glycerin which is a simple sugar alcohol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and nicotine extract which by itself is no more harmful than caffeine.

After your initial purchase of typically $60-80 the only 2 things you must replace regularly are your coils about every 1-3 weeks and cost an average of $3-4 and your e-liquid. E-liquid will run you about $10-12 per 15ml bottle of premium juice and should last an average of a week depending on your usage.

No. 95 percent of all parts are compatible. As long as your new tank or battery has 510 or Ego style threading, you just need to purchase the new piece, not a whole new kit.

Just as with any product out there, you have real McCoy’s and knock offs. Not that all knock offs are bad, but know what you are purchasing. Ask questions if you aren’t sure. Name brands such as SmokTech, JoyeTech, Innokin and KangerTech all have their official logos on all products they sell. For example, if you buy an Ego-C Twist battery, look on the bottom and if you do not see any logo, it is a knock off. All major brands will have a logo on the battery or tank. Beware that Ego is not a brand, but a STYLE of electronic cigarette. Any time you are not sure, ask to see packaging or research online.